In an area with few other open public parks, this multi-functional park aims to cater for young and old and has numerous activities to choose from for a family day out.

The sloping site offered the ideal opportunity to create a climbing wall. It has routes of varying degrees of difficulty, allowing small children to explore their coordination skills on the lower side, and satisfying teenagers’ need for pitting their strength, balance, and head for heights on the higher and overhanging side.

A lovely locally designed and manufactured climbing structure (by Modular Play Systems), with many moving parts, allow children to exercise their upper body strength and balance. The roundabout (and in fact the whole park) caters for wheelchair users.

Other facilities like a netball court, a soccer-basketball-combo court, and an outdoor gym area provides various options for group gatherings or solitary exercise.

The gently rolling skatepark fits into the landscape unobtrusively and was designed by Alan Cooper from Outerspace LA +UD.

The project managers were Kamadi Consulting and Endemic Landscapes CC did the installation.