This playground was sponsored by Spence-Chapin, an American agency providing family services. The available areas were scantly furnished with playground equipment, and quite overgrown. The instruction was to create a playground that will cater for the gross and fine motor development skills of the children in their various age groups.

The mound play area was designed to exercise balance, upper body strength and coordination, as well as provide sensory stimulation in the form of a sound wall and sensory pathway.

Majestic old trees provided a quiet shady area. Huge sandpits, mud kitchen stations, water play tables and seating for caretakers provide a cool, lush space for quiet (or not so quiet!) play.

For the older children, the swing and carousel provides vestibular stimulation and relaxation.

Working on this project was one of the most satisfying experiences in my career. There are few things as priceless as the joy on children’s faces when they explore a new playground, or get to express themselves creatively in a sandpit.