Garden design plan south africa



We specialize in playground designs, ranging from low-cost community parks to high-end school and estate playgrounds, ensuring that each age group is catered for specifically. We strongly believe that creative, constructive and cooperative play is essential to the well-rounded development of every child, and that spaces to play are just as necessary as nutritious food and education.

Playgrounds specifically are spaces where children can be stimulated socially, physically and emotionally through appropriate design principles.


Design Approach

We focus on the incorporation of natural and loose materials in our playground designs, where appropriate, allowing children to make changes to their environment. Risk-taking is also encouraged as an essential skill for grown-up life.

All playgrounds are designed to comply with the SANS 51176:2000, to reduce liability to the client.

We also aim to create playgrounds that are as inclusive as possible, catering for children with various kinds of disabilities.



Garden design plan south africa